Engelse cocker spaniels in Nederland





The most complete book on the English Cocker Spaniel in the Netherlands. 

The book contains eleven chapters on subjects as:

  • The origin of the cocker spaniel
  • The origin and development of the English Cocker Spaniel in Great Britain and in the Netherlands from 1982 until the present time
  • All kennels in the Netherlands from the first in 1905
  • The use of the Cocker Spaniel as a gundog (by A.R. Frederiks)
  • The inheritance of coat colour in Cocker Spaniels (by Chr. Pritchard)
  • The breed standard and the breed standard in detail
  • The clubshows, from the first in 1956 to the latest in 2015 with results and photos of the winners
  • The European Spaniel Association
  • The Club Challenge Prizes
  • All the Dutch Champions from 1905 until 2015 with a 3-generation pedigree and where possible a photo.




About the book
Dim.: 21 x 29,5 cm, 276 pages
Photos: over 400, black and white en full colour of Cockers past and present plus photos of over 200 Dutch Champions.
Cover: hardcover
Author: Hadewich van Wessem
ISBN: 978-90-9029252-6
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About the author:
For sixty years Hadewich van Wessem has shared her life with Cocker Spaniels. She owns a small but succesful kennel; her dogs have won many championship prizes and titles. She was given the “Gouden Erespeld voor de Nederlandse Kynologie” by the Dutch Kennel Club. Previously published books in the English language are English Cocker Spaniel, Welsh Springer Spaniel and English Springer Spaniel. She is a reporter and photographer for the Dutch monthly magazine De Hondenwereld since 1987 until the closure of the magazine in 2017.